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PeakIQ Shot 1 Week Supply 1 Week Supply - 7 Units

We are certain that after you will purchase our 1 Week Supply you will come back for more. If you want a product that helps you perform better in a healthy and sustainable way, then you want to try PeakIQ Shot. And our 1 Week Supply is the perfect way to get started. This option will give you a glimpse into the cognitive enhancing properties of our formula. You should feel clear minded, energized and calm after you try our product for the first time.

List Price: $28.00
Price: $28.00
PeakIQ Shot 2 Week Supply 2 Week Supply - 14 Units

Our 2 Week Supply is perfect for those who want to feel the short term cognitive enhancing benefits of our formula. After you use PeakIQ for several days, you should experience an acute improvement in mental clarity. As well as increased performance, focus capability and calmness. This is the perfect purchase for anyone going through an intense period of work or stress. And anyone who needs a supplement to support and improve cognitive performance. By now you should be familiar with our product, its nourishing ingredients, and strict quality controls. Take the next step towards enhancing your performance and buy the 2 Week Supply of PeakIQ Shot.

List Price: $56.00
Price: $55.00
Savings: $1.00
PeakIQ Shot 4 Week Supply 4 Week Supply - 28 Units

If you got this far, you should be aware of the benefits that our product can bring you. When you purchase our 4 Week Supply, you will get access to the whole range of benefits of PeakIQ Shot. We understand that you are serious about finding the best brain supplement, that you want something that has an immediate effect on your cognition while also supporting your brain health in the long term. And that is exaclty the reason why PeakIQ Shot is for you. Acute improvement of mental clarity, focus capability and calmness should be experienced on a short term. Long-term consumption of this product will help restore chemical balance in the brain, support nerve structure repair and regeneration and protect your nerves from oxidation induced death.

List Price: $112.00
Price: $105.00
Savings: $7.00